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Unattended chlorine tablets eaten by resident

A care home operator has been fined after a vulnerable resident died as a result of eating chlorine tablets. What led to the accident and if you work in public areas or a care setting, what conclusions should you draw? More...


Director illegally sold hazardous substances

Certain hazardous substances are barred from sale and others carry restrictions, but despite this, mis-selling prosecutions are rare. What led to a hearing in January 2019 and what should you learn from it? More...


Child suffered chemical burns

A local authority has been fined after a child was injured by a corrosive substance which had been used in an external area. What should have been done to avoid this situation? More...


Staff injured in cleaning accidents

A hotel and its management company have been ordered to pay £70,000 in fines and costs after three workers were hospitalised. What happened and how could this situation have been prevented? More...


Dealing with kitchen oils

When reviewing safety arrangements in your kitchen you have identified that emptying and cleaning the fryer is a high-risk activity. What should be done to ensure staff safety? More...


Waste disposal with a bang

As an employer recently found out, you can’t escape your responsibilities by simply leaving staff to make up their method of work. You’ll be to blame however ridiculous their actions might seem. What happened? More...


It only takes a spark

When a welder was cutting metal he ignited vapours that had escaped from a nearby can of thinners. As a result he suffered 60% burns to his face and body. How could this accident have been prevented? More...


Paint sprayer developed allergic reaction

If you fail to take adequate precautions to protect staff against the risks associated with isocyanate paints, as a recent case proves, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. What happened? More...


The risks of spray painting exposed

A recent case which saw an employee suffer serious burns has highlighted why it’s vital to complete risk assessments that cover the use of hazardous chemicals and to implement the findings immediately. What happened? More...


Using drain cleaning chemicals safely

A McDonald’s employee suffered a serious eye injury when a corrosive cleaning product splashed onto his face. What can be learned from this case and how can you prevent a similar accident? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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