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Three year old sat in chemical puddle

A court has heard how a child sustained chemical burns to her leg while sitting in a puddle at the side of a swimming pool. How did this happen and what should have been done to prevent it? More...


New COSHH advice sheets for woodworking


Director illegally sold hazardous substances

Certain hazardous substances are barred from sale and others carry restrictions, but despite this, mis-selling prosecutions are rare. What led to a hearing in January 2019 and what should you learn from it? More...


Dangerous substances campaign

The EU has launched a two-year dangerous substance campaign. What is the objective and is it worth a look? More...


Solder fume extraction

Your staff carry out soldering work and one of them is insisting that you buy equipment to extract fumes. This seems a bit excessive considering the small amount used. Who’s right? More...


Acid attack first aid


Unsuitable purchase causes fireball

A paint manufacturing company has been criticised for paying insufficient attention to the risks from flammable substances. Its mistakes resulted in serious burn injuries to a worker. What happened and why? More...


Standard safety phrases for chemicals

When regulations related to the supply of hazardous substances changed in 2015, new terminology was introduced to describe the hazards and safe use of chemicals and mixtures. Do you need to do anything as a result? More...


Cleaners clean up

22 cleaning staff have been awarded thousands of pounds in compensation after their healthcare employer caused their ill health. What happened and what could have been done to prevent the situation? More...


Metal workers developed lung disease

A manufacturer has been fined £800,000 after three workers developed a permanent lung condition associated with metal work. What happened and how can you avoid similar mistakes? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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