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What’s the situation on “over three-day” accidents?

One of your staff recently had an accident and wasn’t able to work for three days. A colleague says the accident is “reportable” but you’re sure that that requirement went years ago. Who’s right? More...


Accident reporting: dispelling the myths

You thought that keeping an accident book was a legal requirement, but you’ve heard that small employers are exempt. What are the rules on accident records and what must you do to comply with them? More...


Man killed by bad knee

The case of Smith v Scottish Water 2014 highlights some interesting points about effective risk assessment and the potential consequences of what you write on an accident form. What’s the story? More...


Dealing with nonsense in the accident book

Your accident book is kept at the reception desk, but when you last checked it you found that a visitor had recorded details of an accident which didn’t stack up. Need you be concerned about the liability such a report may create? More...


Can you ditch the paper accident book?

You’re trying to reduce paperwork as much as possible and are thinking of going completely online with your accident reporting procedure. Is this allowed and if so, are there any rules to take into account? More...


How to record accidents

You’ve heard conflicting ideas on how you should record accidents. Some say that you must use the HSE-produced accident book, others that how you do it doesn’t matter. Which school of thought is correct? More...


The dangers of an accident claim form

Last updated: 05.08.2020

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