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Weathering the storm with winter tyres

You’re thinking of investing in winter tyres for company vehicles. Is this likely to be beneficial, or are there more cost-effective alternatives which could achieve the same goal? More...


Safety on winter roads

A survey of 2,000 British motorists has revealed that many are totally unprepared for winter driving. As an employer how can you encourage your drivers to plan for the worst weather? More...


Diesel exhaust fume risk

The Trades Union Congress is urging employers to prevent their workers from being exposed to diesel engine emissions. What’s the concern and what should you be doing about it? More...


MOT reminders


Preparing for street works

You are having work done which will involve the road being dug up for fresh pipework to be laid. What are the potential problems and what precautions should you expect your contractors to take? More...


Recognition for fleet operations

One of your clients has informed you that they plan to make it a mandatory requirement for their contractors to have Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) accreditation. What is this and how do you obtain it? More...


Are you up to speed with licence checks?

In June 2015 counterpart driving licences were abolished and the information became available online instead. What are the practicalities of using this system and is there anything you should watch out for? More...


Overloading your vehicle could be costly

One of our subscribers was recently pulled over by an officer from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) because his company car was overloaded. What can be learned from his experience? More...


Cracking up

One of your employees is refusing to drive his company car as he says there’s a chip in the windscreen that makes it unsafe. How should you deal with this and where do you stand if you ask him to drive the car until it’s repaired? More...


Perils of poor maintenance

We’ve previously advised you about the importance of ensuring that all vehicles in the workplace are well maintained. A recent case shows what can happen if this isn’t done. What are the key lessons to be learned? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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