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HSE inspectors on the hunt

Although the HSE’s press department has been quiet recently, this doesn’t mean that its inspectors are confined to base. What’s happening? More...


Will an inspector call after an accident report?

One of our subscribers has asked whether they are likely to receive a visit from an inspector after submitting a report for an accident at work. What factors are taken into account and what should the subscriber expect to happen? More...


HSE hikes enforcement rate

The HSE has increased the rate it charges for its inspectors’ time under the fee for intervention scheme. How much could this cost you? More...


Seven-year inspection warning

You’ve kept your nose clean with no incidents/accidents or problems with the HSE. So why are you now at greater risk of being inspected? More...


Paying for inspections

The HSE’s fee for intervention (FFI) charging scheme has been in place for just over a year. How has it been used and are there ways of avoiding a large bill? More...


More inspections = more money for the HSE

It’s possible that you’ve had the pleasure of a visit from the HSE recently, as its officers have been out and about in force. What’s prompting these inspections and what can you do to avoid one? More...


HSE being sued for £2 million

A chemicals supplier has said that it is seeking damages from the HSE after action by the regulator brought the firm within weeks of closure. What happened and will it change the way the authorities work in future? More...


The end of anonymous complaints

You’ve heard that it’s become impossible for anonymous complaints about workplace health and safety to be made to the HSE. Is this true? More...


Enforcement pooling

A recent project, known as WorkWell Dorset, has provided further evidence that the enforcement bodies are working together. How might this affect you? More...


Bad, poor and good safety advice - the HSE perspective

The HSE has published what it considers to be bad, poor and good examples of advice from health and safety consultants. What’s been flagged up and what can happen if you employ a third-party advisor that isn’t really up to the job? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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