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Keeping your staff warm in winter

Your outside workers are complaining that more should be done to keep them warm and dry in the winter. What are your legal obligations and what’s the best way to fulfil them? More...


Preparing for winter

Each year businesses undergo challenges when winter arrives. Workers complain of being cold, vehicles get stuck, equipment breaks down, etc. What should you do to prepare? More...


An oncoming storm?

Strong winds, heavy rain, flooding - in recent months the UK has seen it all. Should you factor such weather conditions into your health and safety arrangements? More...


It’s a bit too warm in here

Your staff work in areas that can become pretty warm, such as attic spaces, and the problem gets much worse in the summer. Is it just a matter of discomfort or are there any real risks which you need to consider? More...


Don’t let the bed bugs bite

If you provide sleeping accommodation, you should be aware that bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem. How will you know if your premises has them and, if so, what should be your response? More...


Q&A: penalties for snow covered vehicles?


Gritting everywhere isn’t possible

Due to the severity of recent weather, your efforts at clearing the snow and ice were soon overwhelmed. So does this mean you should simply give up, or are there other options available? More...


Get the snowplough out

Following the recent heavy snowfalls, a number of subscribers have asked whether they have a legal duty to clear it all before they allow work to continue. What’s to know? More...


Sunny days are here again

The great British desire to remove items of clothing as soon as the sun comes out is in evidence again. But someone has warned that you could be liable if you staff suffer skin cancer as a result of doing so. Is this really the case? More...


A cold snap

According to the Met Office, we could be in for a very cold winter. What are the potential health and safety implications and what precautions should you be taking? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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