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Rogue traders in the dispense gas market

The British Compressed Gases Association has warned that the hospitality industry is at risk of using low quality dispense gas products which are being offered by non-reputable suppliers. What’s the danger? More...


Q&A - do we have to clean cylinder storage?


Safe use of gas supply equipment guidance

If your staff work with equipment which is supplied via portable gas cylinders, you will find it useful to read the latest guidance from the industry’s lead safety body. What does it cover? More...


Colour coding and labelling of gas bottles

The industry body which advises on compressed gases safety has published an update guidance sheet to help you understand the cylinder colour coding and labelling rules. What does it say? More...


What’s the best way to move gas cylinders?

Moving gas cylinders, particularly the larger ones, is a real challenge. They are heavy and awkward, especially if they need to be carried for distances or up or down steps. What are the rules? More...


Where to keep your petrol cans?

You have a couple of cans of petrol at your workplace which you keep in the cage where you store flammable gases. Is this acceptable or do you need to do more in the interests of safety? More...


Flying gas cylinders

Are your gas cylinders stored and secured properly? If not it could have fatal consequences. What happened in a recent case and what should you be doing to prevent a similar incident? More...


Safe storage of LPG cylinders

The HSE is currently having a big push on Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) safety. Its main focus is on fixed installations, but inspectors will be looking at portable cylinder storage too. So how should you be storing them on your site? More...


Safe temporary heating solutions

Hire companies reported that during the recent cold snap there was a surge in the number of heaters being hired on short-term deals. If you’re thinking of following suit, are there any specific safety considerations for you to address? More...


How often to replace gas regulators?

You’ve been informed that you have a legal requirement to inspect gas regulators annually and to replace them every five years. Is this strictly true, or is it a myth created by those selling the equipment? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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