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Monitoring the condition of asbestos

When asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) have been identified on your premises, you must ensure the occupants of the building are not exposed to risk. One action is to monitor the condition of these materials. Use our form for this purpose. More...


Firm dodged £800,000 asbestos fine by going bust

A company has been prosecuted after it was discovered that asbestos-containing materials it knew were present were left to deteriorate and spread fibres throughout a workplace. What measures should it have implemented? More...


Asbestos registers are being ignored

An asbestos register is an important document showing where it can be found, but a recent study shows that they’re not well used. What is it that you need to do, particularly with regard to contractors on site? More...


Update on training for work with asbestos

The HSE has reviewed and updated its asbestos essentials task sheets in order to highlight the importance of information, instruction and training. What else has changed and what training is required? More...


Planning for asbestos removal

You’ve had an asbestos survey carried out, through which you’ve identified materials which you want to have removed. How should you organise the work to ensure that the job is done safely? More...


So you’ve had a survey. What next?

Realising that you have a duty to manage asbestos-containing materials within your building you’ve commissioned a specialist surveyor to identify them. Now the report has arrived, what must you do with it? More...


Health surveillance required for asbestos work

In May 2015 the law changed so that workers undertaking notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW) on asbestos must have regular medical surveillance. If you’re affected what should be your response? More...


Must asbestos be removed?

In March 2015 the BBC reported that asbestos was present in nearly 90% of schools in the UK. There were also demands for it to be removed. Does this apply beyond school premises? More...


Managing asbestos in retail

Wherever asbestos-containing materials are present they’re difficult to manage, but when you add in members of the public, expensive retail space and stock the problems multiply. How should retail managers tackle these challenges? More...


Plumber not warned about asbestos

As a council recently found out to its cost, having your buildings surveyed for asbestos isn’t enough if you want to avoid incidents. You actually need to do something with the information. What did it get wrong? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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