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HSE targets metalwork

In the first quarter of 2020 HSE inspectors are carrying out an inspection blitz of establishments that work with metal. What should you expect? More...


Copper water treatments now illegal

Since February 1 2013 the use of elemental copper as a biocide in water treatment is no longer legal. Why is this, and if you’re affected, what do you need to do? More...


Health and safety toolbox

The HSE has launched a new website which it claims will help those starting up or running a small to medium-sized business to manage health and safety. Is it any good and something that you should consider using? More...


Controlling dust from cutting tools

You use portable stone cutting tools and are aware of the health risks they pose, e.g. exposure to hazardous dusts. So, according to research completed by the HSE, what are the most effective suppression options? More...


The HSE’s occupational cancer priorities

The HSE recently published its proposals for tackling the causes of cancer in the workplace. What types of activity are in its sights and what action can you expect to see from inspectors? More...


Healthy workplaces

The HSE and a number of national safety organisations have recently launched campaigns focused on employee health and wellbeing. Why have they done this and should you take notice of them? More...


Are we seeing a change in enforcement tactics?

If you had any doubts about how strong the links between the HSE, the local authorities and the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) are, a recent event should dispel them completely. What’s to know? More...


Is the HSE about to be scrapped?

The press has recently featured many reports on how health and safety enforcement is set to change. Some have even suggested that the future of the HSE may be in doubt. What’s happening and how might you be affected? More...


HSE expectations for machinery maintenance

Our mole at the HSE has given us the low-down on what an inspector will want to see with regard to machinery maintenance arrangements. What did he tell us and what steps should you take following his advice? More...


Extraction of welding fumes

A new job requires a small amount of welding. In the past you’ve contracted this out, but now you want to do it in-house. However, you’ve heard that you need a full forced extraction system for the fumes. Is this really the case? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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