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Construction health on inspectors’ agenda

The HSE will be putting more emphasis on the health of construction workers in the coming year, including a major inspection initiative. What’s planned and what’s brought it about? More...


HSE Construction Division plans released

The HSE has announced its priorities for construction inspectors over the coming year. What’s included in the plan of work for 2013/14 and if you’re involved in the sector, what should you do to prepare? More...


No more unannounced inspections?

You’ve heard that the HSE and local authorities have stopped completing unannounced health and safety inspections. Is this really the case? More...


HSE blitzes construction sites - yet again!


Sites are still failing HSE checks


Something to look at here

In recent months, HSE inspectors have been targeting sites which are surrounded by scaffolding. Why are they doing this and what can you do to prevent them from wanting to take a look at your premises? More...


What price for a notice?

As further information about how the HSE intends to recover costs comes to light, it appears that meeting an inspector could be very expensive. What’s to know? More...


HSE expectations for machinery maintenance

Our mole at the HSE has given us the low-down on what an inspector will want to see with regard to machinery maintenance arrangements. What did he tell us and what steps should you take following his advice? More...


The HSE targets the construction industry - again!

Still not satisfied with the standards of small-scale construction work, the HSE is on the warpath again. So if you’re having construction work done, or you’re in the refurbishment business, how could the HSE’s latest campaign affect you? More...


HSE and local authorities blitz sites again

Last updated: 07.07.2020

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