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The HSE’s business plan 2018/19

The HSE has released its 2018/19 business plan that sets out its agenda for enforcement and strategic actions. What can you expect and how might you be affected? More...


The HSE’s plans for the year

The HSE has published its business plan for 2017/18. What does it have up its sleeve and how might you be affected? More...


Should you get cosy with the HSE?


Seven-year inspection warning

You’ve kept your nose clean with no incidents/accidents or problems with the HSE. So why are you now at greater risk of being inspected? More...


Contacting the HSE by telephone

Although not publicised, the HSE has made two phone numbers available in case you need to contact its staff. When might you need to use them and what should you be aware of before doing so? More...


The HSE’s plans for 2014

In a recent speech at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum the HSE’s chair, Judith Hackitt, outlined plans for the enforcement body in 2014. What should you expect and is there anything that you could be doing to prepare? More...


“£124 per hour please...”

The HSE has now published details of how its new charging system will work and when it will be applied. How much could you have to pay? More...


Cuts to the HSE’s budget ahead


Safe & sound at work

The latest campaign to hit the HSE’s website is focused on employee involvement. How will it play out and is there anything in it for you? More...


Can I help you?

The HSE have been offering free advice via their Infoline for a number of years. Are there any hidden catches to be avoided? More...
Last updated: 18.09.2019

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