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Developer in jail after losing appeal case

A director who was blamed for the death of a worker on a construction site has lost his appeal against conviction for manslaughter. Why was he held responsible despite claiming to have no knowledge of poor practices on the site?

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Self-assessment for stress

When an employee reports that they’re suffering from stress at work, they’re likely to be in an emotional state. To properly understand the causes and potential solutions use our self-assessment checklist. More...


Changes to road traffic laws and the MOT

In 2019 you can expect alterations to the Highway Code. MOT tests changed in May 2018. What should you be aware of and how are you and your drivers likely to be affected? More...


Does your fire risk assessment need yearly reviews?

You’ve had a fire risk assessment (FRA) carried out by a professional assessor and the document states that it’s due for review in twelve months’ time. Is this a money-making scheme or a legal requirement? More...


Q&A - how often to test wiring?


Keeping up with the HSE

The HSE has raised certain standards without introducing new or amended legislation. What’s happening and how can you keep up? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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