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Q&A - blood testing required for plumbers?

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Should you ban shorts at work?

Male builders have made headlines by wearing dresses to work to get around a health and safety ban on shorts. What can you learn from this? More...

DATA protection

Does the GDPR affect safety management?

You’re under the impression that the GDPR requires you to shred all the health and safety-related personal data you have collected over recent years. Is this necessary? More...


Brief your staff on your health and safety policy

You have produced a written health and safety policy, but do your staff know all they need to about it? Use our safety briefing document to run through how it affects them. More...


Colour coding and labelling of gas bottles

The industry body which advises on compressed gases safety has published an update guidance sheet to help you understand the cylinder colour coding and labelling rules. What does it say? More...


Q&A - do we have to provide vaping facilities?

Last updated: 17.08.2018

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