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Costly safety advice

Employing a health and safety advisor who didn’t know what they were talking about proved costly to one client. What happened and how can you avoid ending up in a similar position?

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What training is needed for fire marshals?

When you’re putting together your building’s evacuation strategy you’ll need to appoint one or more staff to take charge. But once you’ve done so, what training is required and how often? More...


Tougher penalties for manslaughter

Managers who cause a death through their negligence at work are now at risk of prison sentences of up to 18 years. What’s the story? More...


Preparing for winter

Each year businesses undergo challenges when winter arrives. Workers complain of being cold, vehicles get stuck, equipment breaks down, etc. What should you do to prepare? More...


Safe driving: from the front

A poll which looked at dodgy behaviour at the wheel has identified a particular group of staff as the worst offenders. Who are they and what do researchers say needs to happen? More...


Changes to workplace exposure limits

Last updated: 16.11.2018

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