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£1 million mouse infestation

Poundworld has received a massive fine after a customer reported nibbled biscuit packets and mouse droppings to inspectors. Why did the store receive such a large fine and what should have been done differently?

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No more manual handling training?

The HSE says that simplistic manual handling training is a waste of money. But what, if anything, should you do instead? More...


How to inspect your racking

An industry body which advises on the safety of storage systems has produced guidance on the best practice for carrying out a pallet racking inspection. What advice does it contain and is it something you should follow? More...


Are your staff handing out germs?

Maintaining high standards of hand hygiene is vital in the fight against illnesses such as norovirus and ‘flu. What are the most common examples of hand hygiene failures and how can they be combatted? More...


Appointed persons to deal with first aid

Employers are permitted to have an appointed person rather than a trained first aider in some circumstances. When does this apply, what does the role involve and is any training required? More...


Control contractors effectively

If you have contractors on site, work must be managed so that neither your staff nor theirs are put at risk. Use our new permit to work document to help you to get work completed safely and effectively. More...
Last updated: 24.05.2018

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