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Does your fire risk assessment need yearly reviews?

You’ve had a fire risk assessment (FRA) carried out by a professional assessor and the document states that it’s due for review in twelve months’ time. Is this a money-making scheme or a legal requirement?

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Unnecessary safe system document

Reports of “safety gone mad” have been thin on the ground lately, but one has recently popped up. What’s the latest? More...


Fork lift truck operators in the frame

In November 2018 the HSE prosecuted a number of companies for failing to manage the safety of fork lift truck (FLT) manoeuvres. What kind of mistakes were made? More...


Q&A - how often to test wiring?


Developer in jail after losing appeal case

A director who was blamed for the death of a worker on a construction site has lost his appeal against conviction for manslaughter. Why was he held responsible despite claiming to have no knowledge of poor practices on the site? More...


Medicine concerns

Taking some types of medication can prove to be highly dangerous in the workplace. How should you go about managing this issue to ensure that staff don’t put themselves or others at risk? More...
Last updated: 20.02.2019

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