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Avoiding an accounts black hole

The transfer to a new accounting system caused the maker of London’s black cabs to “lose” £3.9m from its accounts. How can you avoid this happening to you? More...


How to avoid overstating debtors

The debtors control account balance is a very important figure on the balance sheet as it represents the cash you expect to receive in the subsequent month(s). How can you ensure it isn’t overstated? More...


Are the numbers ready yet?

You’ve had to downsize the accounts team and are concerned about meeting your monthly deadlines. What can you do to ensure that management reports are produced on time and to the satisfaction of the board? More...


Dealing with a VAT inspector

As the financial controller, it’s likely to be your task to deal with the VAT inspector when he comes to call. So what records can he ask to see and how much power does he really have? More...


Making sure staff stay

Even in these gloomy economic times, there’s a need to hire new staff. But as recruitment is such an expensive exercise you need to be sure you hire the right person. What’s involved? More...


A man with a van pays less tax?

One of our subscribers is looking to change his company car. He mainly uses it for carrying equipment for his job so he’s considering a van instead. He’s heard that this will save tax and NI; is this right? More...


Video communication the easy way

Video communication is becoming an increasingly important business tool. The good news is that it’s not all that complex and is now cheaper than ever. So what are the best deals? More efficient More...


The cheapest way to e-mail

A temporary price discount, a new product range, your business relocating - these are all good reasons for sending a mailing to all your customers. Are there web-based services that can help you and, if so, which are the best value? More...


Controlling bank reconciliations

You’ve just started a new job and discovered that the bank account per the ledger has not been properly reconciled to the bank statements for some time. How do you regain control of this fundamental procedure? More...


Sickness during annual leave

An employee has come back from their two-week summer holiday declaring that they had ‘flu for the entire time and so want extra paid holiday. Does the outcome of a recent case mean you have to oblige? More...
Last updated: 02.07.2020

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