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Is it time for a change?

With Real Time Information (RTI) coming in next year, this is the ideal opportunity to review your current payroll software provision. Where do you start? More...


Accounting for rent charges

Your company is moving into new rented premises and you’ve managed to negotiate a rent-free period and a break clause. How should you record this in your management accounts? More...


Don’t give up on the banks

A recent survey found that only 2% of SMEs who have their bank loan applications turned down bother to appeal. However, there’s a 40% success rate for those who do. What’s involved? More...


Ratios not working?

Your predecessor used to prepare a ratio analysis within the monthly management accounts and the directors quite like it. But before you carry it on, what potential traps should you look out for? More...


Driving down the cost of motoring

A recent poll found that drivers really do behave differently when they’re in a company car. And unfortunately, it isn’t the case that they drive more carefully or treat the car with greater consideration. Could this be costing you? More...


Washing your hands of extra water costs

Research suggests that water consumption during hand-washing can be reduced by between 16% and 45% by using foam soaps rather than traditional liquids or lotions. How? And could there be some savings for you? More...


The cost of light fingered staff

Are your staff following in the footsteps of some politicians and stretching the limits of their expenses claims? If so, how much could it be costing you and how can you put a stop to it? More...


Analyse training needs to save

A number of councils were recently outed for “wasting money” on training and courses for staff. How can you ensure that you provide the right training and not fall into the same trap? More...


How to report non-financial performance

Financial measures alone may not give the board all the information it needs to manage effectively. Non-financial measures can provide a deeper understanding of what drives the business. How can you add these to your monthly reports? More...


Calculating the cost per invoice

To help measure the effectiveness of your purchase ledger team, you want to use the cost per invoice processed as a key performance indicator. But how do you actually calculate this to end up with a meaningful number? More...
Last updated: 02.07.2020

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