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P11Ds for 2011/12

Next month is the deadline for filing your company’s returns of employee benefits and expenses (Forms P11D). What do you need to watch out for this year? More...


Can holding more stock make sense?

Your company has been minimising the amount of cash tied up in working capital by ordering stock on a usage basis. However, one subscriber made significant savings by ordering set quantities of stock. Could this work for you? More...


Modelling scenarios for the board

You’ve been asked by the board to demonstrate the impact of various forecast inflation rates on costs and hence profit. How can you easily calculate and present the range of effects of these various possible levels of inflation? More...


Solvency early warning signs

Trading continues to be difficult as the economy struggles to break out of recession. Your managing director has asked you to monitor the company’s solvency. What should you be looking at in your business? More...


Lick the cost of postage

First it was fuel and then it was stamps. People seem to love panic-buying. The cost of postage stamps has risen significantly, but are there still savings to be made? What are the options? More...


Low voltage, low bills

Although many energy-saving devices are designed for large commercial enterprises and cost the earth to install, we’ve found some voltage optimisation units that are suitable for small offices and homes. What can they save you? More...


Summertime ‘flu savings

We’re only just approaching the summer season but could now be the time to vaccinate your staff against ‘flu to save you money in the long-term? Is it a case of jab now, save later? More...


Pay as you go motoring?

If you operate a car pool or pay staff to use their own vehicles, you’ll know how expensive this can be. You’ve heard that joining a car club can offer all the benefits of a fleet but without the expense. What’s the deal? More...


Balancing sales and collection

For many businesses, responsibility for debt collection falls to the customer-facing staff rather than the finance department. If this is the case in your business, what can you do to help them? More...


When do staff costs belong in cost of sales?

The profit and loss account that you file at Companies House shows staff costs as an overhead within administrative expenses. But, for management accounts purposes, should staff costs be included in cost of sales instead? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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