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EIS and VCT changes take effect

The Budget has made it easier for SMEs to get funding from Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts. Can you take advantage? More...


Where did the cash go?

Your company has recorded a profit for the last year. The managing director is delighted but has noticed that the bank balance has hardly gone up compared with last year. How do you explain what’s going on? More...


Confusing questions on Form P35

You need to file your company’s Form P35 online by May 19. A couple of the questions on the checklist part of the form can be easily misinterpreted. How should you answer them? More...


Planning in difficult times

The directors are questioning the value of annual business plans and forecasts when times are so difficult and unpredictable. How can you plan in these volatile conditions? More...


OK for the TA?

An employee has said he wants to join the Territorial Army. It’s highly commendable, but what about pay and other benefits. Could there be a cost-saving opportunity for you? More...


Electric vans a reality

The government has launched a new scheme to encourage businesses to buy electric vans. We’ve been cautious about electric vehicles before, but can this deal really save you money? More...


Play it safe on the green front

You’ve heard of companies falling foul of environmental regulations. But isn’t this just something for the larger businesses to worry about? Could a quick check or two save you thousands in fines? More...


The cost-saving fridge

Your employees are looking to save costs - one way is through packed lunches. But are you under any obligation to provide a fridge for those who bring them in? Could doing so actually save you money in the long run? More...


Drafting contracts from scratch

As FC you will be involved in the negotiation and agreement of contracts for a variety of issues. Many will be standard contracts. However, where do you start if you have to draft a commercial contract from scratch? More...


Let’s get an expert in

You’re thinking about bringing in an external consultant to oversee the integration of two accounting systems following an acquisition. What are the advantages of using someone from outside your company? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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