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Clamping down on staff expenses

A recent survey found that UK companies paid £692 million last year in “out of policy” expenses. How do you ensure that your staff are claiming correctly? More...


New office space?

Your business is outgrowing its current office space so you’ve been asked to look into the cost of renting larger premises. How do you calculate the right amount of space you need to rent? More...


Identifying the unprofitable customers

The only good customer is one that is profitable for the business. So you need to recognise unprofitable customers and weed them out. How should you carry out this customer profitability analysis (CPA)? More...


Recruitment controls

You’re recruiting a new accountant who will be managing bank accounts as well as overseeing the sales and purchase ledger clerks. What controls should you implement as part of the recruitment process to help protect against fraud? More...


Fill up with fuel cards?

Traditionally, fuel cards were aimed at haulage and courier companies, but now an increasing number of businesses are becoming aware of the many advantages they have to offer. But is cost saving one of them? More...


Flouting flexi-time

As an employer, you probably know that flexible working can have a cost benefit. But if that isn’t an option, then flexible working hours could be. What are the potential costs and savings? More...


Free family training?

To get ahead in life today, young people need to have a decent understanding of information and communication technology (ICT). Is there free training available for them to take advantage of? More...


The cost-saving meeting

It’s reckoned that more than two-thirds of employees spend 5.6 hours per week in unproductive meetings. How can this time be better spent - and what will the cost savings be? More...


New rules for flexible benefits schemes

You’ve heard that, following a recent case, you may now need to charge VAT on benefits offered as part of your flexible benefits scheme. When did this come into effect and does it apply to all of them? More...


Costs not to cut

Once again you’re looking at the profitability of your company and focusing on further cost savings. When carrying out such a review, what costs should you not be cutting? More...
Last updated: 02.07.2020

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