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Business rates reliefs extended

With a 5.6% increase in business rates due in April, can your company benefit from recently announced measures to help mitigate the effects of this rise? More...


Do you know what’s on your balance sheet?

In most businesses, the report that gets most attention is the profit and loss account, followed closely by cash flow forecasts. But the balance sheet is just as important. If asked, would you know the breakdown of each balance? More...


Deciding what to cut

The latest forecasts indicate that economic times will remain tough for a while yet. Your business has already been through one round of cost cutting but the MD has now asked you to suggest further cuts. Where do you start? More...


Giving customers a choice of currency

Your company has decided that the way forward is to focus on the overseas market. The question of what the financial risk would be in allowing customers to pay in their local currency has been left with you. What’s your answer? More...


Cash for gadgets?

Recycling paper, cardboard etc. is easy to do, but you’re not sure what to do with your electrical gadgets. It could be easier than you think and make you some cash to boot. What’s involved? More...


Free electricity?

A new scheme is promising to provide “free electricity” to small businesses and homeowners. What’s the reality behind all the marketing spin; surely there’s a catch? More...


Dealing with junk mail

Whether it comes through the letterbox or electronically into your inbox, junk mail can cost you money. Every time you open a letter or e-mail it takes time. Are there ways to deal with it? More...


Consider mobile point of sale?

If your business needs to take credit card payments on the move, you’re probably aware that point of sale hardware can be expensive to buy or lease. Is there an alternative solution that could save your company money? More...


Reducing sales credits

Your department has to issue quite a number of sales credit notes each month. As well as taking up much of your credit controller’s time, this is impacting on profit and cash flow. Is there anything you can do to reduce the number? More...


Common sense prevails

A recent court ruling gives guidance on how contract terms will be interpreted in a dispute. When reviewing contracts with your customers and suppliers, what should you be looking for? More...
Last updated: 02.07.2020

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