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Rate changes for overseas travel

For overseas travel, paying round sum allowances can reduce your expenses processing time. Following recent changes, how much can you pay tax-free? More...


Calculating the tax provision

Your MD wants to know why the figure given by the company’s accountants is significantly less than your provision for Corporation Tax (CT) in the management accounts. How should you set about answering such a question? More...


Calculating holiday pay on termination

An employee is leaving at the end of the month but hasn’t taken all their holiday entitlement. Is there a statutory requirement to pay them for the untaken holiday and, if so, do the regulations state how this should be calculated? More...


Raising new capital

The business is doing well despite the recession, but your latest cash flow forecast shows that more capital is needed for expansion. Bank finance is scarce and your bank manager won’t increase your facility, so what are your options? More...


Let them eat lunch

In America, in particular, there are companies that buy their employees lunch. They say it saves money, but how? What’s involved in such a scheme and could it work for you too? More...


Using trackers to save fuel

Fitting vehicles with tracking devices has been reported to improve efficiency and cut fuel bills (and keep tabs on wayward drivers!) even for small fleets. But does it really work? More...


Cutting costs with mobile apps?

A recent survey revealed that over half of small businesses now use mobile apps, citing time saving, increased productivity and cost cutting as the main benefits. Can they really save your business money? More...


Relief from business rates?

Business rates represent one of the biggest overheads for companies, yet they’re set to increase again in April. Could you be one of the 59% of small businesses that are missing out on a valuable relief? More...


Preparing a full year profit forecast

You’ve started to suspect that the business is not going to achieve its budgeted profit. You’ve discussed this with your MD and he’s asked you to provide some numbers. How should you go about building a full year profit forecast? More...


Switching energy supplier

Recent research has found that many SMEs are paying well over the odds for their electricity due to reluctance to change supplier. How easy is it for business users to switch energy suppliers? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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