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Do you (still) need an audit?

The government has recently published proposals to reduce the auditing requirements for small companies. Could your company take advantage? More...


Trending the profit and loss

The managing director has asked you to include some profit and loss ratios in the management accounts report so he can track trends. How do you make sure that the extra information is enlightening rather than confusing? More...


Cleaning up the purchase ledger

As the year draws to a close, now is a good time to consider purging the purchase ledger to remove suppliers with no recent history. This will reduce the opportunity for duplicate payments and fraud. How should you go about it? More...


Calculating the cost of late payment

Times are still tough in the economy and businesses need to go for extra cash flow wherever they can find it. Do you know how much customer late payments are affecting your cash flow and what can you do to speed them up? More...


Extra help - virtually

You need some extra admin help, but don’t want the outlay of taking on a receptionist or PA, and agency staff are expensive. You’ve heard that virtual PAs might provide the solution. What’s involved? More...


Saving water - no butts

460 staff, 80,000 square feet of office space, and an excellent example of how to save thousands of pounds on water bills. What can you learn from a bigger company’s efforts? More...


Is plastic still fantastic?

The continued use of plastic bags has been the subject of heated debate for many years. But can you really do without them, and if you can, what might the switch save you? More...


Carbon reporting = cost cutting?

The idea of carbon reporting has been around for a while, but a study has linked the process to the potential to record £200,000 in cost savings. What’s to know, and are these claims really true? More...


Setting up a Chart of Accounts

Your business has just started a new venture and you’re faced with setting up the accounting ledgers from scratch, including the structure of the Chart of Accounts. How should you go about it? More...


Recruiting a credit controller

One of your finance assistants is leaving and you’ve decided that what the company could really do with is a credit controller as their replacement. When recruiting one, what should you be looking for? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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