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Forecasting pay rises for 2012

With the minimum wage increasing by 2.5% this month but inflation running at 5%, what pay increase should you be forecasting for next year’s budget? More...


Finding a new bank

Changing your company’s bankers can be a painful experience. What should you consider doing in advance to ensure that your decision turns out to be the right one? More...


Budget deviations

You’re redesigning the management accounting reports for next year. How can you best isolate and illustrate the most important budget deviations for your board of directors? More...


Paperless DDs

You’re reviewing your company’s customer payment options and have noticed that some larger businesses are now offering paperless direct debit sign-ups. Is this something that your company could do too? More...


Can Facebook make you smile?

More companies than ever are trying to find cheaper ways of marketing. Social networking through the likes of Facebook is just one of them. But could it really be cost effective? More...


Reducing credit card debt

Credit card company MBNA recently announced that it is increasing the “minimum amount” its customers have to repay each month to save them money. Is there something in this? More...


Consider crowdsourcing?

You’ve heard that by using an online concept known as “crowdsourcing” you can save money in a number of areas. Can this idea really be used as a viable alternative to the traditional methods of completing specific projects? More...


Start-up savings?

Some of the country’s biggest companies have got together to offer some of the smallest businesses a helping hand. Is this just a resource, or are there cost savings to be secured too? More...


Stopping student loan deductions

An employee with a student loan has informed you that they’ve just paid off the balance of their loan with a lump sum. Therefore, you don’t need to make a deduction towards repaying it from next month’s salary - or do you? More...


Leverage an advantage

Leverage got a bad name in the early days of the recent financial crisis. But what exactly is it, how is it measured and how might an understanding of it help your business to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace? More...
Last updated: 02.07.2020

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