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Navigating the economic uncertainty

With continuing trade issues between China and the US, Brexit and the coronavirus outbreak, the economic outlook for 2020 is still very uncertain. What can your company do to manage this uncertainty? More...


Is it a profit centre or an investment centre?

Your company is planning a new venture and you’ve been tasked with deciding the most appropriate way to measure its performance. Should you be setting up a new cost centre or something else? More...


How to make your graphs clearer

Your new assistant has taken over preparation of the cash-flow forecast and would like to include a cash-flow graph in the management pack. He has come to you with a draft of the graph. It is too complicated. What should you advise? More...


Cost savings on loss of large customer

One of the company’s largest customers has given notice under its contract. The MD has asked you to calculate the impact and make some cost saving recommendations. How should you proceed? More...


Forecasting freelance expenditure

Following a review of staff costs, you’ve discovered that your company overspent on freelance workers against budget last year. The managing director is determined that this is not repeated. How can you help? More...


Using forecast ETS

There are many ways of creating projections based on historic numbers. You have used a moving average of the last twelve months in the past to predict sales but the results have not been accurate enough. Is there another way? More...


Analysing sales forecasting accuracy

The monthly management report includes a forecast profit and loss account used by the board to plan ahead. But the sales forecasts are proving to be unreliable. How can you analyse the unreliability so that it can be addressed? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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