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How to avoid common M&A pitfalls

Whilst the collapse of Thomas Cook came as a shock to many, it can arguably be traced back to a merger which happened more than a decade ago. What went wrong and what steps can you take to ensure a successful merger? More...


Financial due diligence

HP’s CFO admitted to not even reading the due diligence report on Autonomy before her company blew $11bn buying it. What red flags did she miss? More...


Due diligence checklist

Whether your business is looking to merge or is the subject of a bid from another business, you may be asked to produce data against a due diligence checklist. What are the objectives of this exercise? More...


The importance of financial due diligence

Several accounting scandals have come to light recently following high profile takeovers. If your company is contemplating buying another one, what should you be doing to unearth any problems before the purchase is completed? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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