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Balance sheet review

The new finance director has told you that she wants a quick review of the balance sheet each month. Until now, you’ve only been asked to analyse the profit and loss account. Is there a neat report that you can propose to her? More...


Reconciling the balance sheet

The company’s auditors have commented that apart from the bank account, the balance sheet accounts have not been reconciled during the year. Your boss has asked you to take care of this. What do you do next? More...


Appropriated retained earnings

The directors and shareholders have agreed to commit to retaining more of the profits in the company in order to self-finance investments rather than increase borrowing. How should such an agreement be reflected in the accounts? More...


Tracking your balance sheet

Financial controllers and others in business spend a disproportionate amount of time understanding and analysing the P&L account. But could spending a little more time on the balance sheet also identify critical issues and problems? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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