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Saving VAT on your buy-to-let

You’re buying a residential property with the intention to let it. To keep costs down you’ve gone for a property that’s cheap because it’s in need of a fair amount of work. Is there an opportunity to pay less VAT? More...


Relocating your business

The lease on your offices is expiring early next year. You’ve been tasked with drawing up an analysis of the financial cost of relocating as the existing offices are now too small. Where do you start? More...


Space management

Your business is coming to the end of its lease and the board is looking to save money on these costs going forward. What can you suggest to transform the cost of occupying premises? More...


Save business rates if more than one floor


New office space?

Your business is outgrowing its current office space so you’ve been asked to look into the cost of renting larger premises. How do you calculate the right amount of space you need to rent? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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