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Using EBITDA to measure profitability

The managing director wants to monitor the performance of the business using EBITDA as the key measure of profitability. As financial controller, you’re uncomfortable with changing to EBITDA from “profit before tax”. Who’s right? More...


A better depreciation method for forecasts

You’re in the process of creating long-term quarterly profit forecasts and need to include an amount for depreciation on the estimated capital expenditure each quarter. One solution is to use the OFFSET function but is there a better one? More...


Appropriated retained earnings

The directors and shareholders have agreed to commit to retaining more of the profits in the company in order to self-finance investments rather than increase borrowing. How should such an agreement be reflected in the accounts? More...


Streamlining the accounting function

A member of your finance team has just resigned. The MD has refused your request for permission to recruit a replacement. What can you do to maintain your department’s service levels? More...


Sales mix

Your company is planning to introduce a new product range and you’ve been asked to recalculate the profit projections. What factors do you need to consider in your calculations? More...


Calculating the operating leverage

In times when sales are volatile, profitability depends on the level of your company’s operating leverage. How do you work out what your company’s operating leverage is and how can this be managed? More...


How much economic value has your business added?

Congratulations, your business has made a profit this year! But does this mean that the company has added value for your shareholders? How could you calculate this? More...


Customer profitability

The Managing Director has asked the Sales Director to increase the amount of profit generated from sales - and he’s turned to you to help him do it! But where do you start? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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