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New office space?

Your business is outgrowing its current office space so you’ve been asked to look into the cost of renting larger premises. How do you calculate the right amount of space you need to rent? More...


Streamlining the accounting function

A member of your finance team has just resigned. The MD has refused your request for permission to recruit a replacement. What can you do to maintain your department’s service levels? More...


Operating cost ratios

Financial controllers have a key role to play in managing overheads; this is an especially important task during a recession. How can you use ratios to make this task easier? More...


Allocating overheads to hourly rates

It will soon be the end of the tax year and with pay rises taking effect from April 2010, you’re in the process of recalculating the hourly billing rates for your staff. But how should you allocate the overhead costs? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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