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Accounts payable audit

You’ve just started a new role and have identified issues with the accounts payable process such as missing credit notes and invoices being paid twice. How should you start to address this? More...


Centralised accounts payable

Your business has grown successfully and now operates from a number of sites, each one being responsible for local sales and purchases. Would it be more cost effective to centralise the accounts payable function? More...


Trade creditor ratios

The directors have been looking closely at the increasing trade creditors figure on the balance sheet and would like to know whether this is a problem. What are the key ratios that can help you to provide them with an answer? More...


Dealing with a belligerent creditor

Your company is disputing the amount owed to one of its suppliers. However, the belligerent creditor has just instigated a formal insolvency process. How should you handle it? More...


Monitoring accounts payable

For a number of reasons, it’s important to keep an eye on one critical accounts payable metric: days payable outstanding (DPO). The problem is, there’s more than one way to calculate it - which should you use? More...


Bomb proofing online credit card payments


Supplier in trouble?

You’ve just heard a rumour that one of your suppliers has gone out of business. Trouble is, you had recently made an advance payment to them. So what steps should you take next? More...


Fixing a broken purchase ledger

You’ve inherited a purchase ledger which doesn’t reconcile to the supplier statements and is littered with errors. You need to clean it up but where do you start? More...


Discounts for prompt payment

Your company’s suppliers frequently offer a percentage discount for immediate payment. How can you work out whether it’s worth paying the invoices early or keeping the money in your company’s bank account? More...


Days payables outstanding

In the current economic climate, it’s important to monitor not just how quickly you get cash in but also how quickly you pay it out - “days payables outstanding”. How does your company compare to others in the same sector? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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