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Taking up references on your new recruit

You are currently recruiting for a replacement and have identified a very strong candidate. You are wary of receiving a bland reference from the candidate’s former employer that tells you very little. What can you do to find out more? More...


Hire via social media

You find that LinkedIn is working well in terms of recruitment, particularly for the more senior roles. But are there are other social media channels you could try too? More...


Cost-effective employee retention

The directors are keen to reduce costs by improving staff retention levels. They have asked you to suggest some cost-effective strategies. What sort of things should you be considering? More...


Is that new employee’s ID genuine?


Making sure staff stay

Even in these gloomy economic times, there’s a need to hire new staff. But as recruitment is such an expensive exercise you need to be sure you hire the right person. What’s involved? More...


Recruitment controls

You’re recruiting a new accountant who will be managing bank accounts as well as overseeing the sales and purchase ledger clerks. What controls should you implement as part of the recruitment process to help protect against fraud? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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