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Assessing your finance team

The human resources department has asked you to implement an objective, competency based, assessment process for the finance team so that their performance and development can be monitored. Where do you start? More...


What it takes to become a finance director

You’ve been a financial controller for three or four years and are now looking to make the next step to finance director. What are the key differences between the two roles and how can you gain the necessary experience? More...


Staff turnover rate

Whenever an employee leaves, as well as the cost of finding a replacement, there are the additional costs of covering a vacant post and training a new person up. So an important KPI is staff turnover - how do you measure it? More...


Personal development plans

As financial controller, it’s important that you should be considering your own personal development as well as that of your accounts team. How do you set up a process to capture and discuss career development? More...


Could flexible working save money?

To keep your employees off the roads and public transport system during the London Olympics, you’ve been asked to analyse the cost of letting them work from home for the duration of the Games. Where do you start? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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