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Reducing the risk of the new off-payroll rules

From April 2020 off-payroll rules are being rolled out to the private sector. How will your company be affected and what are the key steps your finance team needs to take to prepare? More...


Is your contractor due holiday pay?

The Supreme Court has ruled that a self-employed plumber was actually a “worker” and therefore due holiday pay. Should you be worried by this ruling? More...


Do you have Uber workers?


New employment status indicator tool


Are your subcontractors entitled to holiday pay?

In a July 2014 case, a long-established subcontractor was found to be entitled to holiday pay. If your company has a number of subcontractors, is it now at risk of having to foot a backdated holiday pay bill? More...


Recruitment controls

You’re recruiting a new accountant who will be managing bank accounts as well as overseeing the sales and purchase ledger clerks. What controls should you implement as part of the recruitment process to help protect against fraud? More...


New rights for temps

If your business uses agency workers, then you need to prepare for the new and possibly expensive employment rights coming into effect from October 1. What do you need to know and how can you mitigate the potential financial impact? More...


Checking employee documents


Are you a de facto director?

In these uncertain times, directors need to be aware of special rules that apply to them should their companies encounter difficulties. As financial controller, are you inadvertently a director and so potentially liable for the company’s debts? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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