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Using the apprenticeship levy to fund training

In April 2017 a new payroll tax is being introduced to fund apprenticeships. It will mean an extra staff cost if you have to pay it, but you might be able to claw it back to fund training. How do you do this and what if you don’t pay the levy? More...


Passing on the bonus?

It’s got to the time of year when you’re thinking about annual bonuses - or how to defer them for another year perhaps. But do staff really want the money? Research suggests not. What’s to know? More...


A saving with homeworking?

Although not a new concept, homeworking still has a bit of a stigma in the UK. However, a new report suggests that it could save businesses money. Is this right and, if so, how much? More...


Keeping up to date by quarters

You’re planning your finance team’s timetable for next year and you have one less member of staff. To spread the workload, are there any tasks that can be done quarterly rather than monthly? More...


The financial advantages of taking on apprentices

Research based on 2013 data has found that offering an apprenticeship increases business productivity. As another school year ends, the pool of potential apprentices is likely to be at its highest, so is it worth considering now? More...


Evaluating the finance function

As part of an overall review of staffing levels in the business, you’ve been asked to justify the number of staff in your accounts department. You also want to understand how much value they’re adding. Where do you start? More...


Pay freeze winter

It’s never going to be the easiest of policies to pull off, but more and more companies are instigating pay freezes to save money. What’s the situation and how much could you save? More...


Staff capacity planning

“Staff costs” is usually one of the biggest figures in the profit and loss account. In these volatile times, how can you match the company’s staffing capacity to the forecasted sales?The level of business More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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