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Keeping tabs on the competition

One of the directors wants regular updates on the pricing of competitors’ services and products over the next six months. It could be a big task so what’s the most cost-effective way to do it? More...


When is the best time to mail?

You’re about to launch an e-mail marketing campaign. Previous results have been patchy. So is there an optimum day and time to implement such a campaign and what might you win as a result? More...


Time to go digital?

The marketing team has been toying with the idea of a quarterly company magazine as a softer sell compared to a brochure. How much can you save by making a digital version? More...


Keeping on top of marketing agency costs

As financial controller, one area you will be keeping an eye on is marketing costs. These can be very significant and marketing agencies are very good at justifying their charges. How can you use your analytical skills to challenge these costs? More...


Sourcing cheap promotional photos

Your marketing staff are keen to freshen up the website and some of the sales materials. However, you’re worried about the costs of buying or commissioning photos. Are there any cheap options? More...


Saving with company literature

Your marketing department reckons it’s time that you updated the company brochure. They are pushing for something glossy and colourful, but you’re concerned about the costs. What are your options for saving some money? More...


Cost-effective direct marketing

With signs of the economy starting to improve you want to begin targeting your customers and prospects with a range of new deals and offers. Is there a cost effective way to do this? More...


The cheapest way to e-mail

A temporary price discount, a new product range, your business relocating - these are all good reasons for sending a mailing to all your customers. Are there web-based services that can help you and, if so, which are the best value? More...


Can Facebook make you smile?

More companies than ever are trying to find cheaper ways of marketing. Social networking through the likes of Facebook is just one of them. But could it really be cost effective? More...


A role for Twitter in your business?

Everyone from the US President to Jordan is Tweeting these days. But, according to some new research, Twitter can be a powerful tool for businesses too. What’s involved and can it really save you money? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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