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Capturing and billing project changes of scope

You’ve been looking at the profitability of projects your business has carried out on behalf of clients and noticed that in some cases it’s not meeting the target. How should you investigate this and implement improvements? More...


Setting capital expenditure budgets

The company has always set annual profit and loss budgets but has never set capital expenditure budgets. You have decided to introduce capital expenditure budgets. How should you introduce these into the business? More...


Keeping track of efficiencies

In response to increased competition, your company has embarked on another efficiency drive. The managing director has asked you to quantify the value of efficiencies identified. How can these be tracked in the budget for follow up? More...


Running a business without a budget?

As financial controller, you value and strongly advocate the annual budget process. But the new CEO doesn’t want to bother with budgets - is this really a sensible thing to do? More...


Using the Business Model Canvas

Your company has decided to adopt the Business Model Canvas as an aid to planning and you’ve been asked to prepare the financial data required for the business planning sessions. Where do you start? More...


Supporting key account plans

Your sales team has asked you to assist them by analysing the company’s customer base. They will use your analysis to underpin their key account planning for the next year. Where do you start? More...


Using zero-based budgets to save costs

An October 2014 survey found that rising business costs continue to restrict SME growth. So to remain competitive, your company may need to re-examine overhead costs for savings. Can zero-based budget (ZBB) techniques be used? More...


Stock out of control?

You’ve noticed that the amount of stock held by your company has crept up to alarming levels. The sales director insists on an abundance of stock so that customers are kept happy. How can you introduce a better balance? More...


Controlling your time

As a financial controller running a busy accounts department, or as the sole company accountant, it’s all too easy to get bogged down with the minutiae. How can you analyse your time usage so you can spend it more effectively? More...


Planning in difficult times

The directors are questioning the value of annual business plans and forecasts when times are so difficult and unpredictable. How can you plan in these volatile conditions? More...
Last updated: 11.10.2019

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