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Building a cost of goods sold budget in uncertain times

Budgeting time is looming and you’re worried about producing the cost of goods sold (COGS) budget because of potential currency fluctuations on your imported materials. How can you budget for COGS under these circumstances? More...


Budget process efficiencies

Last year’s budget process involved too many revisions and the budget wasn’t completed until six weeks into the new year. You want to make sure that the next budget process will be much smoother. What can you do to improve it? More...


Keeping track of efficiencies

In response to increased competition, your company has embarked on another efficiency drive. The managing director has asked you to quantify the value of efficiencies identified. How can these be tracked in the budget for follow up? More...


Running a business without a budget?

As financial controller, you value and strongly advocate the annual budget process. But the new CEO doesn’t want to bother with budgets - is this really a sensible thing to do? More...


Using zero-based budgets to save costs

An October 2014 survey found that rising business costs continue to restrict SME growth. So to remain competitive, your company may need to re-examine overhead costs for savings. Can zero-based budget (ZBB) techniques be used? More...


Presenting the budget

The MD has asked you to present the final budget to the board - but you’ve only been given 30 minutes to do so. What’s the best way to get your point across in that short period of time? More...


Planning in difficult times

The directors are questioning the value of annual business plans and forecasts when times are so difficult and unpredictable. How can you plan in these volatile conditions? More...


Scenario analysis

The current economic downturn looks like it’s going to last longer than most commentators originally thought. In these uncertain times, what can you do to help your business’s financial planning? More...


Financial planning for a new venture

85% of small businesses fail in their first 18 months, according to City University. They put this down to inadequate resources and bad financial planning. If you’re involved in a new venture, how can you avoid it becoming another statistic? More...


Aim for target costing

In tough times, calculating your prices by adding a profit margin to cost can result in your products becoming uncompetitive. Can you aim to beat your competition by using target costing? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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