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Information for your HR manager

To be really effective, the manager responsible for personnel or HR will need you to provide some specific people-related information. What sort of data should you give them? More...


Budget deviations

You’re redesigning the management accounting reports for next year. How can you best isolate and illustrate the most important budget deviations for your board of directors? More...


Spotting the chart cheats

You’ve been asked to look at some promotional material from a new supplier. Their market share claims set out in charts look too good to be true. How can you spot the cheats? More...


Recognising doubtful debts

Your MD is concerned about the adjustment made to the accounts by the auditors for bad and doubtful debts. He’s asked you to start to recognise doubtful debts in the management accounts each month. How do you do it? More...


Successful presentations

Giving presentations isn’t usually a favourite activity of financial controllers. But there are times when they can’t be avoided. How can you ensure you get your message across effectively? More...


Meeting your monthly financial deadlines

In order to react more quickly to any issues facing the company, the monthly board meetings have been scheduled for a week earlier. How can you ensure that you can get your financial report in on time? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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