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A better way to show year on year changes in Excel

The board has asked you to come up with a year on year variance report. One way of doing this is to use formulas, but this will take time to set up and can lead to errors if changes are made to the data table. Is there a better way? More...


Beefing up the balance sheet

Due to the UK’s uncertain economic climate, profit is down slightly on the prior year and you’re concerned that your company won’t keep its high credit rating when the accounts are filed. Is there a way to mask the downturn? More...


Correcting mistakes in financial statements

Despite the best efforts of all those responsible for the preparation and approval of financial statements, occasionally errors occur. If you identify a mistake in your company’s previous year’s accounts, how should you deal with it? More...


Accounting for “free” gifts offered as sales incentives

If your company prepares accounts under IFRS 15, you may need to change the way you account for free gifts offered as sales incentives. How does the change affect your profits? More...


How can you add more value to your reports?

You spend a lot of time writing commentary to explain the numbers in your management accounts but some of the board have told you there’s too much information. How can you make your reports simpler but still informative? More...


Changes ahead for accounting for leases

If your company prepares its accounts under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) then you will need to account for the company’s operating leases differently in 2019. What’s changing? More...


Who counts as an employee?


Filleted accounts - what needs to be included?


Audit exemption threshold increase

The government has decided to increase the audit threshold for December 2016 year ends onwards. If your company now falls below the threshold, should you dispense with the audit to save money? More...


Simplifying financial reports

The company’s monthly reporting pack has become very unwieldy and the board can hardly see the wood for the trees. They have tasked you with simplifying the report so that they can focus on the issues. Where do you start? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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