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How to make your graphs clearer

Your new assistant has taken over preparation of the cash-flow forecast and would like to include a cash-flow graph in the management pack. He has come to you with a draft of the graph. It is too complicated. What should you advise? More...


Budget deviations

You’re redesigning the management accounting reports for next year. How can you best isolate and illustrate the most important budget deviations for your board of directors? More...


Special reports for the Board

You have been instructed by the Board to prepare a special report for them to consider at the next meeting. How should you structure its content so that you communicate the subject clearly? More...


Writing effective reports

You have to present a report to the board of directors on the company’s latest results. How can you make sure that, when they get your numbers and analysis, they actually understand it? More...


Information for the board

When faced with important commercial decisions, directors need to be well informed. In the current economic climate, is now the time to reconsider the information you are providing to the board? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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