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Keep account of your accounts

A company director has been sentenced to 33 weeks in prison for failing to preserve company books and accounting records for the minimum period required. Are you keeping adequate accounting records for long enough? More...


Intercompany reconciliations

Your company is part of a group and you’ve noticed that the intercompany transactions and balances don’t match. What should you do next to resolve the differences and straighten out the books? More...


Controlling bank reconciliations

You’ve just started a new job and discovered that the bank account per the ledger has not been properly reconciled to the bank statements for some time. How do you regain control of this fundamental procedure? More...


Spreading the costs

You can make your monthly management accounts more accurate by adjusting for prepayments. But what expenses can be included as prepayments and what’s the easiest way to calculate them? More...


Accounts late filing - tougher stance

Your company doesn’t want its customers and suppliers to know that it’s had a tough year. Can you hide the poor results by not filing the accounts? More...


Accounts system access

Under company law, all directors need access to the accounting records even if they’re not directly involved in the finance function. But how can you ensure that you keep control? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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