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Testing the economics of your prices

The company has not updated its pricing for some time. Before settling on new rates, the MD has asked you to benchmark the existing rate card against the company’s business model. How do you do it? More...


Value-based pricing

In 2014, all new branded drugs will be priced using value-based pricing, i.e. the price of the drug will be worked out based on the evidence of its benefits to patients. Is this a pricing strategy that your business should be considering too? More...


Increasing prices without reducing sales

It’s time to review prices across your product range. The marketing director has asked for your input as he’s afraid that the impact of changing the price of some products might reduce sales in other lines. What do you do next? More...


Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing isn’t just an issue for group companies trading with each other across borders. How might it affect your business and what should you be doing about it as financial controller? More...


Sales trends

Your managing director is worried about the low level of sales in the last quarter and is meeting the sales director to discuss. What sort of analysis should you provide to help them understand what’s happening? More...


Step costs

Whether your business is expanding or still struggling to get through these difficult times, how can your identification and understanding of your step costs generate more profits? More...


Minimum order, maximum savings

You’re considering selling a new product next year in a bid to boost business. To make it a success, you need to keep the ordering costs under control - but how? More...


Activity Based Costing - easy as A, B, C?

If your company wants to rationalise its range of products and services, you need to work out which ones to keep and which to bin. How can Activity Based Costing help you to do this? More...


How to calculate hourly billing rates

Your company charges its clients on the basis of hourly billing rates for staff members. These rates are long overdue a revision. How should you go about re-calculating them? More...


Profitable pricing

The company’s sales are starting to slow down. You’ve been asked to look at the effect of cutting the price of the end-product to get things moving. How can you measure the effect of cutting prices by, say, 10%? More...
Last updated: 22.05.2020

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