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Expense reimbursement made easier?

You’ve noticed that your team are spending excessive amounts of time processing staff expenses. This is causing frustration between the accounts team and the claimants. What can you do to speed up the process? More...


Trivial benefits exemption to be revived


Clamping down on staff expenses

A recent survey found that UK companies paid £692 million last year in “out of policy” expenses. How do you ensure that your staff are claiming correctly? More...


Rate changes for overseas travel

For overseas travel, paying round sum allowances can reduce your expenses processing time. Following recent changes, how much can you pay tax-free? More...


Taxing car allowances

The Taxman’s guidance on how to tax car allowances, paid to employees for using their own cars on business, is very unclear. This has led to many employers deducting too much tax from their employees. What’s the story? More...


Is your expenses policy adequate?

As the MPs’ scandal shows, sloppy expenses guidelines can cost a lot of money. Is it time to revisit your company’s expenses policy? More...


Parking fines

Many companies pay the parking tickets issued to their employees whilst on company business. But is this an allowable business expense and how should you account for it in the company’s records? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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