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Managing cash flow during the coronavirus crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic likely to negatively affect nearly all businesses in some way, your focus will probably be on how to ensure the business continues to have enough cash to survive. What should you be looking at? More...


Is it time for a weekly cash-flow forecast?

With the level of economic uncertainty rising, the company’s cash flow is starting to come under pressure. The board are concerned and have asked you to prepare cash-flow forecasts. What form should your forecasts take? More...


Why have the profits not turned to cash?

The company has just had a profitable half year. The board have asked you to explain where all the cash has gone as expected the cash balances to have grown substantially over the period. What’s the simplest way to do this? More...


Cash flow forecasting variances

Your cash flow forecasts are an important tool in the company’s decision-making armoury so you’re keen to make them as accurate as possible. Is there anything you can do to improve them? More...


Weighting sales forecasts

Your company has just appointed a new sales director and he wants to introduce weighted sales forecasts. As these will feed into the P&L and cash flow forecasts, he’s asked you to help. Where do you start? More...


Cash flow forecasts

Cash is king and running out of cash will eventually lead to insolvency. What do you need to include when building and maintaining cash flow forecasts for your company? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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