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Managing cash flow during the coronavirus crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic likely to negatively affect nearly all businesses in some way, your focus will probably be on how to ensure the business continues to have enough cash to survive. What should you be looking at? More...


Avoid overtrading during growth

Your company is growing very quickly and your accountant has advised you to avoid overtrading. What is overtrading and what are the signs to look out for? Are there any tactics you can adopt in your business to avoid it? More...


New invoice finance laws for SMEs

New legislation has been proposed to stop big businesses from contractually limiting their SME suppliers’ access to supply chain finance. What do these rules say? More...


A way to get the cash flowing

Late payments can create all kinds of headaches when it comes to cash flow, and it’s the UK’s small and medium sized businesses that seem to be hit hardest. What tactics are available to you? More...


Why have the profits not turned to cash?

The company has just had a profitable half year. The board have asked you to explain where all the cash has gone as expected the cash balances to have grown substantially over the period. What’s the simplest way to do this? More...


Changing your accounting date to reduce the tax bill

Due to increasing import prices and Brexit uncertainty, profits are likely to be considerably down on last year and cash is a little tight. Is there a way to ease the pressure on cash flow by changing the year end to reduce the next tax bill? More...


Dealing with extended payment terms

Your biggest customer has written to all its suppliers including your company, stating that it’s imposing 90-day payment terms. You want to keep the business but know that this move will damage your cash flow, so what should you do? More...


Where did the cash go?

Your company has recorded a profit for the last year. The managing director is delighted but has noticed that the bank balance has hardly gone up compared with last year. How do you explain what’s going on? More...


Raising new capital

The business is doing well despite the recession, but your latest cash flow forecast shows that more capital is needed for expansion. Bank finance is scarce and your bank manager won’t increase your facility, so what are your options? More...


Managing cash in a crisis

Your phone is ringing off the hook with irate suppliers, payroll is coming up and the managing director is pulling his hair out because your cash flow can’t take any more pressure. What do you do next? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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