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Don’t miss your re-enrolment deadline


Partner pension savings

You and your spouse have been doing some long overdue pension planning. One of you isn’t making any contributions, so what’s the most tax-effective way for the other one to help? More...


Pensions - personal or company?

One of the director shareholders has asked for your advice as to whether he should contribute into his pension personally or get the company to make the contribution instead. What factors do you need to consider? More...


Provider comparison website launched


What employers commonly get wrong

The Pensions Regulator has handed out the first penalties for auto-enrolment failures. What are the common errors to avoid to ensure compliance? More...


Postponing auto-enrolment

Employers are usually required to register all employees into a qualifying pension scheme by their staging date. But if that date’s not suitable, then it may be possible to postpone it. In what situations would it be a good idea to do this? More...


Payroll system to blame

Homeware retailer Dunelm has had its knuckles rapped by the Pensions Regulator for failings over auto-enrolment. What can you learn from this case? More...


Taking the hard work out of auto-enrolment

The Department for Work & Pensions recently surveyed larger employers to get their feedback on the pensions auto-enrolment (AE) process. What were the findings and what can you learn from them? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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