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Relief for SSP payments


Challenge for enhanced parental pay denied


Budgeting for pay increases from April 2019


Budgeting for pay increases from April 2018


Statutory sick pay recovery to be abolished


Accrual of statutory annual leave and sickness

A recent tribunal decision clarifies how many days’ annual holiday employees on long-term sick are legally entitled to carry over. What do you need to know to update your company’s holiday pay policy? More...


Reclaiming sick pay

A large number of employees have been off sick with ‘flu. Finding the money for temporary cover as well as having to pay them while they’re off has made a significant dent in your cash flow. Is it possible to claim back any of this sick pay? More...


Calculating paternity leave

You have a paternity leave request to process, including making adjustments to the payroll. You’ve heard about recent changes to the paternity leave rules, so do they still qualify? And is there a way to make the entire process easier? More...


Calculating voluntary redundancy pay

Your company needs to make some payroll cuts and has offered staff voluntary redundancy. But how do you calculate how much they can get without falling foul of the age discrimination rules? More...


The benefits of statutory guarantee pay

Did you know that if you lay off employees, they may be entitled to receive guarantee pay? How do you work out if they are entitled, and if so, calculate the amount they should receive? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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