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Employee shareholder tax breaks abolished


2016/17 payroll changes

The 2015 Summer Budget announced some significant changes to how dividends are taxed. What’s the effect on director shareholders’ pay and what else do you need to know to prepare for the new payroll year? More...


New guidance issued on zero-hours contracts


Are mobile workers entitled to paid travel time?

The EU’s highest court has ruled that the time those with no fixed place of work spend travelling between home and their first and last appointments of the day counts as “working time”. Is this really going to cost you? More...


Do you employ anyone under 21?


April 2013 payroll changes

With RTI coming into force in April, it’s essential you update your payroll with the correct tax codes and salary levels from the start. What are the new limits? More...


RTI penalty guidance published


New rules for flexible benefits schemes

You’ve heard that, following a recent case, you may now need to charge VAT on benefits offered as part of your flexible benefits scheme. When did this come into effect and does it apply to all of them? More...


Stopping student loan deductions

An employee with a student loan has informed you that they’ve just paid off the balance of their loan with a lump sum. Therefore, you don’t need to make a deduction towards repaying it from next month’s salary - or do you? More...


Forecasting pay rises for 2012

With the minimum wage increasing by 2.5% this month but inflation running at 5%, what pay increase should you be forecasting for next year’s budget? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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