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Bonus schemes to drive consultancy sales

Your company wants to invigorate sales activity by the consultancy teams. Selling consultancy services is a team effort. How do you begin to design a bonus scheme that fairly rewards those responsible for making the sale happen? More...


Bonus schemes - getting the balance right

It’s a new year and you’ve been tasked with reviewing the company’s bonus scheme to ensure it will incentivise staff and that the company can afford it. What factors do you need to consider? More...


2016/17 payroll changes

The 2015 Summer Budget announced some significant changes to how dividends are taxed. What’s the effect on director shareholders’ pay and what else do you need to know to prepare for the new payroll year? More...


Linking bonuses to company strategy

The board feels that the current bonus scheme is poor value for money and would like to link a new scheme to the company’s strategy. You’ve been asked to help design it - where do you start? More...


Long-term bonus schemes

Your company operates an annual bonus scheme. After the bonuses for last year were paid out, two of your key employees resigned, having pocketed five- figure sums. Is there anything you can do to prevent this happening again? More...


Budgeting for conditional bonuses

The board of directors has agreed a new bonus scheme which is linked to the company’s year-end profits. How should you calculate and allocate the budget amount for any bonuses that might become payable under the new scheme? More...


Commission scheme safety

To boost sales, the management team has decided to look at introducing a sales commission scheme for all staff. As financial controller, you want to ensure that it’s affordable. What should you suggest? More...


Do Christmas gifts need to be included on payslips?

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away you should consider whether any gifts that your company will be giving to its employees need to be put through the December payroll. What are the tax and NI implications of different gifts? More...


Bonuses, are they rewards or incentives?

You’ve been asked to look at setting up a company bonus scheme. How do you structure such a scheme to ensure that the company gets best value for money and the desired employee behaviours it is expecting? More...


Provisions for bonuses

With the company year-end fast approaching, you are considering bonus provisions to reduce the year-end tax. Does it matter when you actually pay these? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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