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RTI penalties issued for final quarter of 2014/15


Late filing penalties now in force (for some)

If your company has more than 49 employees, from 6 October 2014 HMRC’s computer will automatically issue a penalty if you submit an RTI return late. What makes an RTI return “late” and what are the penalties? More...


In-year interest shock?


Last minute RTI changes

RTI becomes a reality on April 6 but HMRC was still making changes to the new starter procedures just a few weeks before this. What’s the revised process? More...


Is it time for a change?

With Real Time Information (RTI) coming in next year, this is the ideal opportunity to review your current payroll software provision. Where do you start? More...


Confusing questions on Form P35

You need to file your company’s Form P35 online by May 19. A couple of the questions on the checklist part of the form can be easily misinterpreted. How should you answer them? More...


Getting ready for RTI

In April, HMRC will start piloting its system to collect “Real Time Information” (RTI) from employers. Although this doesn’t roll out for most employers until next year, is there anything you need to do now to prepare for it? More...


Electronic P60s?


Online filing update

Employers with 50 or more employees will have to file in-year PAYE forms such as P45s and P46s online from April 2009. Is your company affected? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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