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Who’s liable if there’s an underpayment of PAYE?

A 2015 case considered whether it was the employer or employee who should be required to pay back any underpaid PAYE. What are the consequences for employers who fail to deduct the correct amount of tax? More...


Checking payroll calculations


2014/15 (and beyond) payroll changes

Last month’s Autumn Statement announced changes to tax and NI limits. What do you need to know to prepare for the 2014/15 (and 2015/16) payroll year? More...


New online benefit in kind forms


Free RTI software


Is it time for a change?

With Real Time Information (RTI) coming in next year, this is the ideal opportunity to review your current payroll software provision. Where do you start? More...


Getting ready for RTI

In April, HMRC will start piloting its system to collect “Real Time Information” (RTI) from employers. Although this doesn’t roll out for most employers until next year, is there anything you need to do now to prepare for it? More...


Stopping student loan deductions

An employee with a student loan has informed you that they’ve just paid off the balance of their loan with a lump sum. Therefore, you don’t need to make a deduction towards repaying it from next month’s salary - or do you? More...


New PAYE help for employees


April 2010 payroll changes

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