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How to restructure debt tax efficiently

The MD’s father, also a director, lent money to the company to assist her in setting it up. To strengthen the balance sheet, she now wants to write off the loan. Are there any tax implications in doing so and is there a better alternative? More...


Jobs for the boys. And girls

The summer holidays are fast approaching; a time when the kids will be complaining that they’re “bored” and do little that is productive. Is this an opportunity to keep them busy and save some tax in the process? More...


When is a bonus better than a dividend?

When looking to extract profit from a close company, the classic advice is that a dividend payment is more tax efficient than a bonus. But is this always the best advice for your director shareholders? More...


Where’s the salary sweet spot?

The new tax year started on 6 April, and as ever the challenge lies in knowing how to order your salary and other income in 2018/19 to save tax. Does the normal low salary and dividends option remain the most effective? More...


Dealing with an overdrawn director’s loan account

You’ve prepared the company’s draft accounts and noticed that a director’s current account is overdrawn. Is this legal and what are the tax implications to be aware of? More...


Maximising tax relief on equipment

Office equipment doesn’t come cheap, but you’re in desperate need of some. Is it cheaper for the company to buy it or as a director could you save money by reaching into your own pocket? More...


Cheap loans close to home

Although the interest rate charged on bank and other borrowings isn’t that high at the moment, could there be a way to save even more by getting the company to lend you the cash? More...


Share repurchase

One of your director/shareholders is leaving the company and the other shareholders don’t want him to keep his equity but can’t afford to buy him out. You’ve heard of company share repurchase and wonder if that’s the answer. More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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